SOS: The Ultimate Escape – A survival game that will send you on a desert island with a bunch of monsters

SOS: The Ultimate Escape is a live-action, third-person shooter game where you are thrown into a wilderness island and have to fight fiercely.

In recent times, the genre of online survival games has brought gamers to the fierce battle to become the last survivors are hot everywhere in the world, The prime example is Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, which is now a phenomenon on the Steam distribution system, with over 4 million units sold. And if you are interested in this genre then SOS: The Ultimate Escape is a name that can not be ignored.


SOS: The Ultimate Escape is a thrilling online shooter game where you are thrown on a deserted island and must fight fiercely to find a way to become the last survivor here.
Of course to do this is not easy at all when you have to fight with both the monster is both strong and tianfall 2 PC fast. And of course it is hard to mention the more difficult opponents are the other players to participate in, simply because the helicopter to pick up only three seats.


Indeed, SOS: The Ultimate Escape is an all-encompassing online game for gamers. Upcoming games will open alpha unblocked school test from June 26 to July 2, who interested can register to play at the home page:


Queen of Winter Games – Ice Queen

Play the game Queen of Winter – Ice Queen, a game will take you to a winter palace with a hall filled with a white power of ice. In the online game or girlfriend, you will be met with an icy queen place. Icy face her but slightly cold but very beautiful. You will rely on imagination, her rich creativity, to be able to combine these impressive costumes for your queen. In turn would be things like the coat of a queen, the crown is an indispensable, the jewelry accessories with bold nature of this cold land, then there were the shoes, hairstyle pretty. An indispensable addition is the scepter of the queen, this is something very unique decoration that you should exploit it.

Free mini games will bring you a completely new style, because previously you may just pay more attention to the teen fashion game, wedding, children alone, right? Let’s try it this a new style, and you’ll discover a lot of new special beauty there.

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The game will not be cracked in the next 2 years

Group specializes crack game 3DM said that work “unlocking” the game copyright is increasingly more difficult, because the technology against pirated games are increasingly powerful and sophisticated. This group may fear that from 2018, the game will not have any way to crack again and pirated games will be terminated completely.

This statement of 3DM given after the group has yet to crack the two titles that Just Cause 3 and FIFA 2016, although issued from May 11. While only game Dragon Age: Inquisition also made 3DM group spent months to unlocked new management measures of game developers.

All 3 games on a general point, which is the cornerstone of security used Denuvo, a technology support for DRM (Digital Rights Management). DRM technologies help manufacturers detect and track pirated version, which can prevent. But modern technology has been surpassed hackers easily.

Meanwhile, security platform was introduced Denuvo will completely prevent hackers to crack and pirated titles or other digital products. This technology is still being kept secret, and there is little known, it has been used in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition, released in late 2014.

At that time, the group 3DM said they were able to subdue the monster this security, though not easy at all. But even then, the company developed security technologies for upgrading to a new version and used on some popular games launched in 2015.

Công nghệ bảo mật này sẽ là ác mộng đối với các hacker chuyên bẻ khóa phần mềm.

Security technology will be a nightmare for software hackers cracked.

Version Denuvo upgraded makes the hacker’s group had to give up 3DM. In its statement, the group 3DM said: “Recently, many people have asked us how to crack the game Just Cause 3 so I will focus on this issue. The process of unlocking this game is really very complex and difficult, almost like we had to abandon but with the encouragement of so many people, so we will continue. I believe that we can unlock this game is, but with the trend of development of new security technology is in about 2 years, I am afraid that we will not have to play another game crack. ”

In 2016, will be more blockbuster titles start using new security technology Denuvo. It will make the game take longer crack and effort than before. And to a certain point, the problem of pirated games or digital products pirated copy will terminate. It was then that we should begin to get familiar with the product license, the cost is worthy of what the developers have created.

Game Makeup Bride



Similar to other makeup games, games makeup bride is the kind of game for the majority of the girls love makeup and beauty. In this game, you are directly makeup radiant bride on her wedding day. You will put yourself in the role of an expert beauty, how to make the bride – the protagonist of the wedding stand out in the crowd. With girls like challenges, this is pretty cool makeup game and selectivity by what to do to make his bride more beautiful splendid and very beautiful girls in the wedding.

Just one click on “Play Now”, you have in your hand a fashion collection with the giant set branded makeup extreme “nature”, all of which related to dress for the bride. From what has flashiness wedding dress, veil gently, to the crown jewels as, necklace, earrings, high-heeled shoes … everything is beautiful and sparkling, making it impossible to look away.

Moreover, you can unleash their creativity to flourish, beautifying the bride. You can try a little powder pink, brown colored eyes, add fake lashes for extra large and beautiful eyes. Not only that, instead of a white gown with a familiar, why not try “alternative” with the lovely angel wings, or add the bride diamond tiara sparkling, huh? Surely your bride will be extremely, extremely prominent and personality too. Interesting right?

The girlfriend, certainly are very dreamy kid and imagine yourself in the luxurious wedding dress, with face powder, lipstick lovely. So this is the chance to turn your childhood dream come true. You need to do is sit in front of computer screens and spoiled for choice with jewelry, makeup to help the bride shine on her wedding day and work alongside the groom good together. After a while, “learning how experts” I guarantee you will be amazed at their ability to make up there!

Now, what are we waiting for, wedding dress jacket turn dreams come true with bride makeup game yet. Just one click and you will surely be attracted by great attraction of this game for the view!